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netz 4 Life is a non-profit organization devoted to revitalizing neglected community athletic infrastructure. We use education and leadership-building programs to engage and motivate at risk youth to restore their communities - one neighborhood at a time.

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." --Maya Angelou

  • Provide a basketball experience which inspires at-risk youth to set goals and dreams. There is no race, color or creed when it comes to motivating youth about the “Game of Basketball” and the “Game of Life.”

  • Educate at-risk youth on the importance of healthcare and the differences between healthcare professions, while focusing on the profession of physical therapy. Our goal is to assist in the diversification of the healthcare system, while promoting each healthcare profession with the utmost respect and dignity that it deserves.​

  • “Leave No Rim Netless.” Whether it is a full court, half court or just a local neighborhood basketball hoop, we will be honored in providing one of our custom basketball nets to these basketball courts. Our belief is that the basketball net holds the key to the enjoyment of the game and more importantly the unity of the community. We will bring unity back to the community where it belongs and provide a safe and friendly environment where youth can dream about their future; and families can reunite and celebrate the beautiful neighborhood, city and State that they too are fortunate to be a part of.

  • “Reach Out- One Neighborhood at a Time,” with the revitalization of athletic infrastructure; focusing on bringing a new energy to basketball courts in neighborhoods which have long-been neglected. We are dedicated to providing a safe and rejuvenated environment which is appealing to at-risk youth, their families and neighbors.

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netz 4 Life will restore the moral fiber of the youth's lives, homes, relationships, neighborhoods, family and community. Our programs will encourage and provide a path in which the youth of today can become leaders of tomorrow. By placing basketball nets throughout the communities of our youth, where many hopes and dreams are set aside, will in turn promote these communities, as well as produce productive minds-sets, and goals amongst the youths counteracting inevitable behavioral patterns that are sure to arise as a direct result of upbringing and surroundings. 

In August of 2005, netz4Life began to root itself in the City of Santa Ana, CA. We are currently partnered with City of Santa Ana Parks & Recreational Department, working cohesively in the deliverance of our customized basketball nets to all of their local parks which currently have basketball courts. Our goal is to illuminate throughout the rest of Southern California by partnering with each and every one of its’ Parks & Recreational Departments in the future.


netz 4 Life wants to take it's focus beyond just basketball, and build a fully organized sports fitness education complex in the heart of Orange County, CA.

"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

GOAL: Raise $15 million by 2025

WHAT?: netz 4 Life "Sports-Fitness-Education" Complex

WHEN?: December 25, 2025

WHERE?: Orange County, CA 

WHY?: Provide at-risk youth a state-of-the-art "Sports-Fitness-Education" experience

WHO?: netz 4 Life along with local business developers, corporate donors, individual donors and grant funding

CONTACT: Ray Roman 949.293.3662 or

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